Quality Policy & Service


  1. In the company Sonar, d.o.o. we provide sale, rental and maintenance of medical equipment as well as training of clients for the proper use of medical equipment.
  2. We strive to meet the requirements and expectations of clients, principals, legislatures and other stakeholders.
  3. We develop the quality system in close cooperation with the principal, especially in the field of development, servicing and training of our employees.
  4. We offer full support to our clients throughout the life of the devices. We could provide also temporary replacement equipment in case of a serious break down.
  5. We regularly take care for the professional development of all our employees.
  6. We set measurable improvement goals and in this way we are constantly improving existing work procedures.
  7. We try to work as preventative as possible. When mistakes do occur, we solve them responsibly and with maximum commitment.

Miran Balon
Managing Direktor

Ljubljana, October 2020

Demand more from your Service Provider! We in SONAR, d.o.o. invest a lot to keep our engineers updated and ready to handle every challenge effectively and fast at your site. For more details please contact us!

SONAR, d.o.o.

Cesta na Poljane 24
1210 Ljubljana-Šentvid

tel.: +386 (0)1 235 5470

e-mail: info@sonar.si

Andrej Barbič Service US
+386 (0)40 500 745 (andrej.barbic@sonar.si)
Stanko Pšeničnik Application US
+386 (0)41 824 179 (stanko.psenicnik@sonar.si)
Miha Burnik Service LCS
+386 (0)40 540 088 (miha.burnik@sonar.si)
Anja Perović Application LCS
+386 (0)41 224 586 (anja.perovic@sonar.si)

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